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British Consulate in Sweden

British Consulate in Sweden
 We struggled fairly put inside a single database all embassies, consulates and offices close representation Sweden but eventually we made it. Then check out all the offices that we've located and ordered by proximity. 

Employees from the consulates are usually officials in the country that hosts the nation not represented. Even so, all workers British Consulate in Sweden fully know your language and will be content to assist you. The fastest and most efficient way to resolve any problems together with your visa or passport when you are in Sweden and go back to your country is without doubt get in touch with the nearest British Consulate in Sweden. Use the SEARCH at the top to locate any consular office or representation which you have to have, by country or city.

British Consulate by Metropolis

  • UppsalaUppsala
    We have classified all embassies by nearest town. Given that Uppsala is one of the six largest cities of Sweden, with around 127.734 inhabitants, it's most likely that hosts a few consulates.
  • MalmöMalmö
    The embassies and consulates located in Sweden and exist to help their compatriots to solve any problem as if they were back house. Stick to the link to see all Consular Office in Malmö and its surroundings.
  • StockholmStockholm
    Diplomatic missions are usually in populations with greater number of inhabitants. With 1.253.309 residents Sweden is one of the most influential centers of population Sweden.
  • GothenburgGothenburg
    One of the busiest centers of population Sweden is, with out any doubt Gothenburg with 504.084 inhabitants, producing it a good candidate to host a single or even more Consular Mission in Gothenburg.
  • KistaKista
    Problems with Sweden authorities? Contact immediately with any of the diplomatic missions borwsed for Kista to find the perfect remedy with all the local authorities.
  • VästeråsVästerås
    It is almost impossible to visit Sweden bypassing Västerås (with 107.194 inhabitants). ConsulBy presently has an extensive catalog of Consulate in Västerås and surroundings.

British Consulate in Sweden by State

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